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Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 08:15:22 CDT

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    212A;KELVIN SIGN;Lu;0;L;004B;;;;N;DEGREES KELVIN;;;006B;

    that looks wrong to me. Maybe it should look like this:

    212A;KELVIN SIGN;Lu;0;L;<compat> 004B;;;;N;DEGREES KELVIN;;;006B;

    On 10 Jun 2005, at 14:05, Dominikus Scherkl wrote:

    >> The field 004B tells us, that U+212A decomposes to U+004B, correct?
    > Yes.
    >> If so, then this seems wrong to me.
    > No, it's a "compatibility decomposition", meaning if you can't
    > represent
    > it in your environment, simply show a 'K'. tells me differently:

    The tags supplied with certain decomposition mappings generally
    indicate formatting information. Where no such tag is given, the
    mapping is canonical. Conversely, the presence of a formatting tag
    also indicates that the mapping is a compatibility mapping and not a
    canonical mapping. In the absence of other formatting information in
    a compatibility mapping, the tag is used to distinguish it from
    canonical mappings.

    In some instances a canonical mapping or a compatibility mapping may
    consist of a single character. For a canonical mapping, this
    indicates that the character is a canonical equivalent of another
    single character. For a compatibility mapping, this indicates that
    the character is a compatibility equivalent of another single
    character. The compatibility formatting tags used are:


    A font variant (e.g. a blackletter form).
    A no-break version of a space or hyphen.
    An initial presentation form (Arabic).
    A medial presentation form (Arabic).
    A final presentation form (Arabic).
    An isolated presentation form (Arabic).
    An encircled form.
    A superscript form.
    A subscript form.
    A vertical layout presentation form.
    A wide (or zenkaku) compatibility character.
    A narrow (or hankaku) compatibility character.
    A small variant form (CNS compatibility).
    A CJK squared font variant.
    A vulgar fraction form.
    Otherwise unspecified compatibility character.

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