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Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 15:40:00 CDT

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    >> Yup, you're right. We have some special needs to color parts of an Arabic
    >> word in a different color.This is obvious but different from colouring the
    >> parts of a ligature.
    >Are there examples in arabic where a letter of the three-letter root
    >ligatures with a letter outside the root?

    There are many instances where a root letter may ligature with a non-root letter. One example for instance is a word that may be inside a sentence such as l-akhirah. When prefixed with l-, alif of akhirah ligatures with l-. Other examples are any word that is prefixed with the definitive article al- which starts with alif or meem as a root letter (not to be confused with words that start with meem whereas meem is not the root letter).


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