RE: Tamil split vowel selection and colouring (Re: It is easy to predict the past.)

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Jun 14 2005 - 17:39:04 CDT

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    > From: Patrick Andries []

    > For instance, it is not possible to visual select only the split vowel
    > in Powerpoint, or BabelMap for that matter (the whole syllable with
    > surrounded consonant gets selected). But a single backspace when the
    > cursor is positionned at the end of the Tamil syllable does delete the
    > split vowel surrounding the consonant (ka).

    This reflects a general problem wrt selection. If an app supports
    selection of the left-half component of the vowel, what happens when the
    character sequence in the backing store is < 0b95 KA, 0bca VOWEL SIGN O
    >? Even if the backing store is < 0b95 KA, 0bc6 VOWEL SIGN E, 0bbe VOWEL
    SIGN AA >, when the user clicks between the glyph for E and the glyph
    for KA, where are you in the backing store, and how do you communicate
    that to the user?

    At a minimum, doing what you're asking, ignoring the issues specific to
    pre-composed multi-part vowels, requires support for split cursors which
    come with some significant usability issues.

    Peter Constable

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