Re: Tamil split vowel selection and colouring (Re: It is easy to predict the past.)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 03:24:54 CDT

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    On Tuesday, June 14th, 2005 21:33Z Patrick Andries wrote:
    > For instance, it is not possible to visual select only the split vowel
    > in Powerpoint, or BabelMap for that matter (the whole syllable with
    > its surrounded consonant gets selected). But a single backspace when
    > the cursor is positionned at the end of the Tamil syllable does delete
    > the split vowel surrounding the consonant (ka).

    Yes: that is how is specified the Indic UI (I do not know if something
    different specific to Tamil has been done, so I speak on general terms
    here); and it is how people have been educated; by people here, I mean of
    course the everyday users of the script, not the casual users of the IM
    provided with some widely available operating system.

    I see it very much like the fact of the typewriter-descending keyboard you
    and UI are using have two main levels, one being lower case and the other
    being upper case, and furthermore reflecting a variation of codepoints;
    changing that is likely to upset about everybody, even if reasonning should
    show that there are not much (or less) reasons to encode differently 'A' and
    'a' than there are to encode differently 'ட' and 'டி', or 'ண' and 'ணா' (the
    latter being optionally a ligature, and part of ணொ = ணொ).


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