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From: James Kass (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 14:53:37 CDT

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    Gregg Reynolds wrote,

    > ... It's misleading and confusing to
    > say that multicolored text is not plaintext when in fact we have no way
    > of inferring the form of the original coded message based solely on its
    > representation.

    From the glossary at
    ( )

         "Plain Text. Computer-encoded text that consists only
         of a sequence of code points from a given standard,
         with no other formatting or structural information.
         Plain text interchange is commonly used between
         computer systems that do not share higher-level

    Colour is not currently considered an aspect of plain text, so any
    colouring information would be mark-up/rich text.

    See also the glossary entry for rich text, which includes this: "The
    Unicode Standard does not address the representation of rich text."

    We seem to be off-topic.

    Inserting mark-up tags between characters which would normally
    ligate or shape or re-position breaks the run of text. This isn't
    a problem; it's expected behaviour. Although it might be possible
    to define some method of colouring parts of a glyph in HTML/XML,
    by the time the authour has mastered the syntax and all of the
    world's browsers support the syntax -- well, it would have been
    simpler to just use graphics.

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    James Kass

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