Re: Arabic letters separated by markup (SIL has done it)

From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 14:51:20 CDT

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    Mete Kural wrote:

    > Hats go off to SIL! Indeed these SIL fonts at can color alef and lam individually.

    > Microsoft folks will have to catch up to this with their default Windows Arabic font (in fact any font they have made including Traditional Arabic and Arabic Typesetting).

    I'm pretty sure that that isn't going to happen. As has been discussed on this thread,
    being able to colour independent Arabic letters is a specialised need: it is not something
    that everyone needs to do, nor something that every font needs to support. As I wrote: if
    there had been a big demand for this, it would be widely supported already.

    You are in luck: if you need to be able to do this, there are some fonts from SIL that can
    handle it already, so you don't need to make your own specialised fonts. This puts you
    ahead of many specialised academic and pedagogical needs for other scripts.

    Expecting all the other makes of Arabic fonts to change how they make their fonts in order
    to support this specialised need isn't very realistic. Perhaps, if you are fortunate,
    developers of new Arabic fonts might take this into account, but I doubt if any existing
    fonts will be changed.

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