Re: Arabic letters separated by markup (SIL has done it)

From: Gregg Reynolds (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 15:01:19 CDT

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    John Hudson wrote:
    > Mete Kural wrote:
    >> Hats go off to SIL! Indeed these SIL fonts at
    >> can color alef and lam individually.
    >> Microsoft folks will have to catch up to this with their default
    >> Windows Arabic font (in fact any font they have made including
    >> Traditional Arabic and Arabic Typesetting).
    > I'm pretty sure that that isn't going to happen. As has been discussed
    > on this thread, being able to colour independent Arabic letters is a
    > specialised need: it is not something that everyone needs to do, nor
    > something that every font needs to support. As I wrote: if there had
    > been a big demand for this, it would be widely supported already.
    Ah, but that's a chicken-and-egg problem. If it were widely supported,
    maybe it would be widely used. In signage and advertising, for example.
      You know how it is with fonts: make it possible for people to make
    really ugly documents and web pages and they will beat a path to your door.



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