Tamil sha (U+0BB6) - deprecate it?

From: N. Ganesan (naa.ganesan@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 26 2005 - 08:55:33 CDT

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    Srivas mentions in his mails about
    deprecating SHA (U+0BB6).
    This cannot be done as there are some users
    who want to transliterate Sanskrit words
    one-to-one need sha letter.

    A user request - Ashok Pennathur's mail:
    And, Dr. Kalyan's(next Chair, INFITT) reply"

    Wrote this in the INFITT WG on Unicode:
    Deprecation of U+0BB6 cannot be done because:
    a) Unicode stability policy prohibits moving or removing
    an encoded letter. If some user does not want it, that's fine.
    b) U+0BB6 is very much needed for one-to-one transliteration
    between Indic scripts including Tamil. (This is the main
    reason I was enthusiastic about 0bb6 getting into Tamil
    code chart)
    c) Sri conjunct, a Sanskrit loan word in Tamil, is defined
    using 0bb6 and its equivalent in all Indian languages.
    (Yes, there could be approximating transcriptions,
    but SRI's exact transliteration needs 0bb6).

    Naga Ganesan

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