Jumping Cursor. Was: Right-to-Left Punctuation Problem

From: Peter R. Mueller-Roemer (pmr@cs.uni-frankfurt.de)
Date: Mon Aug 01 2005 - 07:26:17 CDT

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    Dear Adam,
    I share your dismay about the cursor (and letters) jumping right and
    back left again. It is not a configuration problem.

    It is no surprise that the characters [!?,.] jump to R (the Right)
    because they have either the L (for L2R) or neutral directional property.
    It is a reasonable and practical decision for entering mixed text
    alternating between R2L and L2R text (on the same line) but I hate it if
    the cursor jumps after an Alef to R just because I want to enter a SPace
    and to jump back to L when entering Beth. Changing the bidi direction
    only on whole paragraphs does not alleviate these problems with entering
    different texts on the same line.

    Would someone, please, make a formal proposal to the Technical Committee
    to provide space, punctuation marks and possibly more characters with
    both the R- and L-property. It would allow to change
    easily to generate just the desired SP,!,...

    The MS-KeyboardLayoutCreator does not seem to allow to change the
    R/L-property of SP....

    Sincerely Peter R. Mueller-Roemer

    Adam Reisman wrote:

    > Has there ever been talk about creating a complete set of
    > right-to-left Hebrew punctuation. I'm having problems with
    > punctuation direction...or maybe I'm just doing it wrong. I have no
    > problem when Using MS Word, but when I type up an email in Internet
    > Explorer, the punctuation always jumps to the wrong end of the
    > sentence. Then when I type the next sentence, the punctuation in the
    > previous sentence jumps back to where it's supposed to be. This isn't
    > a problem until I get to the last sentence of a paragraph or if I type
    > a one-sentence line:
    > המשפט הראשון בסדר! המשפט השני הוא גם־כן בסדר! אבל הפיסוק למשמפט האחרון
    > עובר להתחלת הטכט!
    > In the above example, the exclamation point on the far right, should
    > be on the far left because it belongs to the last sentence.
    > שלום!
    > In the above example, the word "shalom" should have the exclamation
    > point on the left.
    > למה?
    > Why?
    > Is this a configuration issue I can correct, or is this something I'm
    > doing wrong, or just something that people have to deal with? I can
    > partially solve this by using the gershayim (U+05F4) as quotation
    > marks, and the sof-pasuq (U+05C3) as a colon, but that's not enough.
    > I thought about using Arabic punctuation, because it's
    > coded right-to-left (it has a character I could use as a Hebrew comma,
    > and the semi-colon and question mark are close enough even though they
    > are inverted), but I worry that it will come out garbled when the
    > person I write to tries to read it.
    > (as an aside, another reason for Hebrew punctuation would be that in
    > the Times Roman font, the punctuation doesn't match the Frankruhl
    > Hebrew! The Hebrew period and all other punctuation dots should be
    > diamond-shaped).
    > Any thoughts or suggestions?
    > *תודה רבה!!*
    > *Thank you!!*
    > **

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