Re: Strange "UTF" Charset

From: Jukka K. Korpela (
Date: Mon Aug 08 2005 - 12:12:46 CDT

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    On Mon, 8 Aug 2005, Peter R. Mueller-Roemer wrote:

    > Under Linux Mozilla's FireFox (with UTF-8 encoding) a reasonambly looking
    > page is displayed.
    > With a logo and a button sisplaying some Asian font correctly, though
    > probably using .gif;

    But what does the textual content look like? I see it as
    \6B61\8FCE\4F7F\7528 ...
    on Win NT Mozilla. And that looks like badly converted data to me.

    > possibly & naturally it can't cope with the following source-line:
    > onload="window.document.form1.reset();
    > window.document.form1.bor_id.focus();">

    Perhaps, but I don't think that's relevant to the question. That code
    should just reset (clear) the form on the page and focus on a particular
    field; this is questionable, but should not affect the character coding.
    Besides, I tested with JavaScript on and JavaScript off. The only
    difference seems to be that with JavaScript on, the focus is in the first
    input field.

    Jukka "Yucca" Korpela,

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