Orrmulum -- U+204A -- large and small ⁊

From: Patrick Andries (patrick.andries@xcential.com)
Date: Thu Aug 18 2005 - 10:52:24 CDT

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    I have a few questions concerning the Tironian annd (⁊).

    What is the reason of the inclusion of this letter in Unicode ? How is ⁊
    used in Gaelic (a Latin script) ? As a variant of & ?

    Should U+204A ⁊ be used in any other context than modern Gaelic ? How
    about in the Orrmulum ? How about the large Tironian et/annd (⁊)
    occuring in the Orrmulum ?


    They seem as large as the large O and other capital letters occuring at
    the start of lines. How should these large ⁊ be encoded ? Are these
    "annd" simply glyph variants of U+204A ? Should these ⁊ (large and
    small) be transcribed in full here ?

    P. A.

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