Re: VCR technical symbols?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 13:11:25 CDT

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    > And of course technical symbols (like the worldwide spread play, pause,
    > skip, etc.)
    > need to be exchanged electronically in plain text.

    There are standards for this kind of thing... even ISO
    standards. See, for example:

    which gives a capsule summary of ISO/IEC 11581 "Icon symbols and

    *That* is the relevant ISO standard for these things -- not
    ISO/IEC 10646 "Information Technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet
    Coded Character Set (UCS)."

    A few of these doo-dads have gotten encoded as characters in
    the Unicode Standard for a variety of reasons, but nobody
    really wants to start down the road of standardizing every
    iconic element printed on equipment somewhere as *characters*.


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