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Date: Fri Sep 09 2005 - 12:21:12 CDT

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    Chris Harvey a écrit :

    > Ysgrifennodd Philippe Verdy <> ar y 08-09-2005 am
    > 16:58:
    >> It really looks like writing Shoshoni was limited by American
    >> typewriters that didn't have any diacritics, so they borrowed the
    >> underline used with backspace. But later, when keyboards were
    >> extended, wasn't there a backquote (`) usable as a grave accent over
    >> e (è) , which was probably better than using the complex digraph of
    >> underlined vowels?
    >> The underlined use of the digraph 'ai' looks like borrowing the
    >> French digraph for the same sound (but French also has 'è').
    Not Sanskrit U+0910 ai ऐ now Hindi [ɛ] as in 'hen'.? Or Greek αι now
    pronounced as [ɛ] ? Etc.

    > I believe that _ai_ was chosen to represent [ɛ] for etymological
    > and/or grammatical reasons.
    Usually the case.

    P. A.

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