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Date: Sat Sep 10 2005 - 06:28:11 CDT

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    On 2005.09.09, 01:28, Chris Jacobs <> quoted and

    >> Apparently the very rare case of regular "i" followed by regular "j" in
    >> Dutch (in "bijectie" and.?) never happends at the begining of a word.
    > The I does not HAVE to be at the beginning of a word. You can have part
    > of the word in ALL CAPS for emphasis, like:
    > A BIjection is an INjection which is also a SURjection.

    But that's not a mixed case ij-ligature, akin to, say, U+01C8 ("Lj" for
    Croatian etc.). In Dutch "bijectie" uses regular "i" and "j", and any "Ij"
    sequance is trivially encoded as U+0049 U+0069 — I'm sure we all agree on

    My point was that

    >> AFAIK there are no "Ij" in Dutch: the capitalized version of, say
    >> "ijssel" is "IJssel".

    i.e., there is no need of a mixed-case character, akin to the mentioned
    U+01C8, *even* for those who say that U+0132 and U+0133 are the only
    correct way to encode the Dutch ij-ligature.

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