Re: New property for reordrant dependent vowels reordering?

From: Vinod Kumar (
Date: Tue Sep 20 2005 - 05:28:38 CDT

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    > From: Kent Karlsson (
    > Date: Sat Sep 03 2005 - 17:20:38 CDT
    > As yet, Unicode does not have any character properties for
    > how reordrant (combining) characters reorder. I would suggest
    > that such a property is introduced.

    The suggestion by Kent Karlsson for having certain reordrant properties
    and "moves" rings many bells for IndiX developers.

    The TUS4 reordering rules for I_vs and reph have been examined in earlier
    postings. The rendering rules for all Indic scripts can be generalized,
    and simplified, as

    1) Rule for formation of consonant-sign
    2) Rules for formation of orthogonal glyph cluster.
    3) Rules for repositioning of (vowel or consonant ) signs over orthogonal
        glyph clusters.

    I invite you to look at some articles in especially,
    the "Standards for Visual sequence of characters for Indic Scripts".
    It bases the rendering of Indic scripts on the ISO/IEC 15285 report,
    decouples the phonetic effect of the virama from its visual effects,
    and shows how the formation of the Consonant-Signs saves much trouble
    in reordering and conjunct formation. Operational rules for
    reordering the signs for all the nine Indic scripts are given.
    The rendering pipeline for IndiX has been implemented based on this
    standard. We claim that such a treatment
    of Indic rendering, resolves many issues elegantly. It uniformly addresses

    1) All the nine Indic scripts
    2) Consonant-signs versus consonant clusters
    3) Visual effects of the virama (C1 conjoining and C2 conjoining forms)
    4) Reordering of (consonant and vowel) signs.
    5) Richness of the font, mandatory forms and ZWJ/ZWNJ controls

    Vinod Kumar
    Project IndiX

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