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Date: Sat Sep 24 2005 - 14:08:37 CDT

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    Chris Jacobs wrote:

    >I think the <compose> key should be _inside_ the combining sequence, killing
    >the char before it.
    >e <compose> ' ->
    >and also
    >' <compose> e ->
    >In other words: on mechanical typewriters the <backspace> does not erase the
    >backspaced char.
    >If the <compose> just emulates this mechanical backspace then the amount of
    >relearning needed is evidently minimal.
    Hmmm... I was thinking more along the lines of like a <shift> key.
    <shift>e produces E, <compose>e produces e<combining character>_ waiting
    for the diacritic or whatever to be supplied, rather than as a dead key.

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