Re: ISO 15924 and differences in French names of scripts

From: Denis Jacquerye (
Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 00:07:22 CST

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    On 10/26/05, Samuel Thibault <> wrote:
    > Denis Jacquerye, le Wed 26 Oct 2005 06:30:29 +0200, a écrit :
    > > The French locale in CLDR itself contains this disagreement of orthography.
    > > In we have "Iles
    > > d'Åland" but "Îles Cocos".
    > Hum, for the "Iles" case ("Island"), the word itself always has a
    > circumflex accent. And IIRC, these days, one should put accents on
    > capital letters, so Îles would be preferred. For other word I don't
    > know.

    Like I said earlier. The recommended orthography of 1990 allow for ile
    or Ile without the circumflex. This orthography is recommended by the
    Académie française, the French, Belgian, Swiss and Canadian
    governments. _Both_ "Île" and "Ile" are _correct_ but "Ile" should be
    used. This recommended orthography is out since 1990!

    See a short list of affected words:
    "ile" follows this rule:
    Il n'y a pas d'accent circonflexe sur les lettres i et u : traitre, bruler, etc.

    Exceptions :

        * a) les 1re et 2e personnes du pluriel du passé simple : nous
    vîmes, nous lûmes, vous lûtes, etc. ;

        * b) les mots qui sans cet accent seraient homographes : le
    participe passé dû, les adjectifs mûr et sûr, le nom jeûne et les
    formes du verbe croitre qui sans accent seraient identiques à des
    formes du verbe croire : il croît, je croîs, etc., ainsi que la 3e
    personne du singulier du subjonctif imparfait : je voulais qu'il
    partît ; plût au ciel que..., etc.

    All the "Îles" or "Île" in the French locale _should_ be "Iles" or
    "Ile", at least if Unicode wants to follow the recommendations of

    Denis Moyogo Jacquerye ---

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