Re: ISO 15924 and differences in French names of scripts

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Date: Wed Oct 26 2005 - 11:55:34 CST

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    Ysgrifennodd François Yergeau <> ar y 26-10-2005 am

    >> the trailing 's'-es give a plural form. Is there a plural form in the
    >> original english name?
    > "Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics".

    I believe the term "Syllabics" is singular; the word "Syllabic" is an

    • "Syllabics is used to write Cree"

    • not *Syllabics are used to write Cree

    • and from the "Omushkego Cree Syllabic Project: Final Report" (1996)
    "...Cree syllabics was overcome in schools by the influence of English."
    (pg. 1)

    In any case, the English version of "syllabaire" would be "syllabary",
    which is singuar.

    That said, the Unicode UCAS range has unified three very different
    syllabaries (Carrier, Blackfoot, and Cree-Ojibway-Dene-Inuktitut), thus
    pluralising the term to "syllabiares" also makes sense.

    In translating the English label "Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics",
    I would suggest that the French "syllabaire autochtone canadien" is the
    more appropriate.


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