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Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 21:15:03 CST

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    Forgive me for belabouring this but I was browsing the Naskapi Lexicon today for another reason and I could not help but notice that there are many different ways to translate syllabics in French. "syllabique" "characteres syllabiques" "ecriture sllabique" and "syllabe".
    (with accents of course! When everyone and their email client agrees on one encoding, I will make another attempt to write accents)
    Only once was "syllabaire canadien" used and that was to explain what language script to choose in the browser.
    The term 'syllabique' can be justified given that syllabics is not really an English word but a Cree English word. Syllabics does not conform to English grammar any better than the common expression from India does, when they talk about the English "alphabets". However, we get the message.
    I have chosen the Naskapi pages as a good example since they were involved in the original encoding and they are a truly bilingual Naskapi-French community.
    "Syllabaire Canadien" may stand as a way for missionaries and computer systems to talk about Syllabics but it shouldn't be considered a true *translation* of Syllabics.

    I think puttering around on this site in French for a while gives a good example of how the terminology is develping in Canada.
    Cheers - I have duly configured my browser for 'Syllabaire Canadien' this evening and I am happy that I can.
    Suzanne McCarthy

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