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From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Fri Nov 04 2005 - 07:03:02 CST

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    On 4 Nov 2005, at 01:16, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >> I have no comment on this standard. There is no base in local use
    >> to call Åland the "Åland Islands".
    > Most probably true locally (in Finnish and Swedish languages), but
    > this was not the opinion of the Finnish standard body that
    > requested this name and maintained "Islands" even in its requested
    > revision for the normative names (in English andFrench) to assign
    > in the international standard.
    > Ask that to your national standard body. It's not to Unicode to
    > decide.

    It is important for you to quickly point out when people start asking
    questions that this is a formal standardization that may or may not
    have anything to do with any actual proper usage.

       Hans Aberg

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