Re:French usage re syllabics

From: suzanne mccarthy (
Date: Sat Nov 05 2005 - 01:02:04 CST

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    I have continued to feel uncertain about my answer 'l'ecriture syllabique'. It seemed to me that it should be simply 'le syllabique' in French. (Grammatical sensitivities aside)
    I consulted these two trilingual online dictionaries and also emailed an author of the East Cree project. She responded 'le syllabique' as do these two dictionaries.

    Syllabary/syllabaire as such are not found in these dictionaries.
    Since I am not myself part of the user community I am only commenting on a translation -nothing more.
    However, I think this raises a fundamental question. Are members of the user community usually consulted about such things as how their writing system is labeled?

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