Re: Apostrophes (was Re: Exemplar Characters)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Nov 16 2005 - 03:24:56 CST

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    From: "Kenneth Whistler" <>
    > In fact, giving this another think, the *best* answer is to
    > avoid apostrophe altogether in an orthography, period.
    > Given the fact that there are perfectly decent full *letter*
    > characters in Unicode for a glottal stop, not confusable with
    > any punctuation mark, one of those is a far better orthographic
    > choice for a glottal stop than U+2019, U+02BC, or U+0027.

    You just considered the case of glottal stops and quotation punctuation
    marks. There are still other uses of the apostrophe in the orthographies
    themselves where it is neither a glottal stop letter or sound and neither a
    quotation punctuation sign.

    Your *best* suggestion offers no good alternative for them (remember the
    orthographic Breton {c’h} letter for /x/). With your suggestion, the
    trigraph would have to be replaced by some unknown letter, and centuries of
    tradition, and about 30 years of standardization would be ignored, all
    existing books would have to be recomposed, street plates replaced, and so
    on... If you consider this, then why keeping the many digraphs and trigraphs
    in English and not using, for example, { ʃ } and {Ʃ} and instead of {sh} and
    {SH} in English, like in Berber ? So, why not making the revolution and
    forcing all orthographies to use extended alphabets based on IPA plus
    capitals ?

    Your *best* response makes littel sense for me.

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