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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 04:00:05 CST

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    I think finally that a better approach to the apostrophe encoding problem is
    to consider that the examplar and auxiliary sets do not contain specific
    characters, but character classes which contain that character, and only
    have any collation difference after case folding (i.e. their differenceis

    This gives a good way to match all together most variants of what really
    represents the auxiliary and examplar characters. (I think this definition
    works, for English, French, Spanish, but I have problems with this
    definition in German for the ess-tsett: should it still be listed in the
    examplar set, or instead only listed in the auxiliary set, where a minor
    difference could still be allowed?).

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    > At 22:22 +0200 2005-11-16, JR wrote:
    >>Another point, especially relevant to the apostrophe: CLDR, in my mind,
    >>should be descriptive, rather than didactic. It should describe the
    >>situation as it happens to be, not as it should have been.
    > Good typography may admit of more precision (and more characters) than
    > poor typography. I favour the former, rare or not.
    > If one has low expectations (and specifications), one gets what one
    > deserves.

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