Re: Glottal Fantasy (was: Apostrophes)

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 16:48:34 CST

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    Dr.James Austin wrote:

    > Kenneth Whistler has two points we must agree with, really.
    > (1) whereas there are the expressions like 'glottal stop' , 'glottal
    > sound',
    > there really is no such speech sound. A speech sound must be either a
    > vocoid
    > (go by a vowel letter), or a contoid (go by a consonant letter) For a
    > sound
    > element to be qualified as a speech sound it must be 'combinable' with
    > other
    > sounds-vowels and consonants, and, occur in the beginning, middle and end
    > of
    > (some) words.For a consonant to be, a certain point of tongue must
    > approximate/contact a certain point on the roof of the mouth.Where does
    > the
    > glottis sit? It is inaccessible to the tongue.
    > 'Glottal speech sound' is a misnomer, and represents a phantasy.

    Without a glottal speech sound it would be hard to explain why all vowels


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