Re: UnicodeData.txt problem

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Mon Dec 12 2005 - 05:32:28 CST

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    On Thursday, December 8th, 2005 14:21Z, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

    > UnicodeData.txt is, as far as I know, the central file describing the
    > properties of the Unicode characters. As such it is tightly bound to
    > the corresponding Unicode version, and I wonder why one of the most
    > important elements, namely a version tag, is missing from this file.

    I guess that is because you are not reading the correct file. You are
    supposed to read <>
    and to follow the links provided (one of them leads to UnicodeData.txt).

    If I read correctly, this file is correctly tagged (version, date).

    > I consider this as a serious problem. Similarly, a copyright notice
    > together with a license should be included, even if it just points to
    > a URL holding the complete text.

    Done. The full text of the licence is at, and it is linked from the entry
    UCD.html as "/terms_of_use.html", which seems to be an alias.

    The copyright is strange, BTW: the header signals "Mark Davis and Ken
    Whistler" as authors, without more attributions; then, a small _attached_
    image (<IMG src="/img/hb_notice.gif">) signals "Unicode, Inc." as holder of
    some copyright; since this attachment is linked about everywhere on the
    site, I would guess this is the copyright that applies to the HTML page
    itself, not its contents and much less the content it links to.
    Still, it seems according to the rest of the material, which also names
    authors but consistently assigns copyrights otherwise (sometimes with the
    not completely correct "(c)", <U+0028, U+0063, U+0029> notation.) that the
    copyright is really owned by "Unicode, Inc." (supposedly because of "made
    for hire".)
    Creation appears to have been in 1991 (or is it publication?)


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