Re: UnicodeData.txt problem

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Dec 12 2005 - 09:29:53 CST

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    From: "Antoine Leca" <>
    > On Thursday, December 8th, 2005 14:21Z, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
    >> UnicodeData.txt is, as far as I know, the central file describing the
    >> properties of the Unicode characters. As such it is tightly bound to
    >> the corresponding Unicode version, and I wonder why one of the most
    >> important elements, namely a version tag, is missing from this file.
    > I guess that is because you are not reading the correct file. You are
    > supposed to read <>
    > and to follow the links provided (one of them leads to UnicodeData.txt).
    > If I read correctly, this file is correctly tagged (version, date).

    Wrong file? No.

    the UCD.html file appeared long after UnicodeData.txt was initially created.
    Before that, the .txt file was published in a FTP directory in a directory
    that contained the licence and copyright notice. At that time, there was
    another HTML web page describing the version of the file.
    UCD.html itself is not normative but descriptive. However this .txt
    normative file can't beused outside of the document that describes it, i.e.
    the published Unicodebook or the PDF version of this book, linked from the
    Unicode web site's "Start Here" page.

    What is true, is that the normative .txt file effectively does not embed any
    comment line since its origin, and so does not contain a version tag
    (however it could be embedded somewhere in the file, using the ISO comment
    column on one character entry, whose purpose is to synchronize the file with
    historic characer names and ISO comments (I wonder if this column is still
    normative for ISO applications)

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