Re: New Public Review Issue: UAX #24 Script Names

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 15:40:56 CST

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    > On January 30, all proposed updates 80 to 88 (most of them related to
    > normative annexes and algorithms) will be finally reviewed,

    Actually, those are the closure dates for the Public Review Issues --
    the dates by which feedback should be received.

    > I think the votes will happen starting on February 1,

    Feedback received regarding Public Review Issues is reviewed during
    the next succeeding UTC meeting, which in this case will be held
    February 6 - 9. See:

    > followed by the final discussions and vote for Unicode 5.0
    > that will be presented in next March at IUC 29.


    > I suggest these normative changes be appliedonly along with
    > a major releaseof Unicode. ...

    For Unicode Standard Annexes, this is standard operating procedure.
    An approved version of a UAX is *always* part of a numbered
    version release of the standard. It need not be a *major* version,
    but in this case it will be, since all of the UAX proposed updates
    now posted for public review are proposed updates *for* Version
    5.0 of the standard.


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