Re: [almost OT] Music score with RTL lyrics

From: Ilya Konstantinov (
Date: Wed Mar 01 2006 - 09:56:28 CST

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    Otto Stolz wrote:

    > One of the songs assigned for the 1st volume is in Yiddish,
    > which is -- as you may already know -- written from right
    > to left. Now my question is: How are RTL lyrics (particularly
    > in Yiddish) handled, commonly?
    > - Are the music notes written from right to left?
    > - Or are the syllables written under conventional LTR notes,
    > but the characters within each syllable from right to left?
    > Has anybody an example (possibly a scan) to share?
    Here's an example in Hebrew:

    As one can see, it follows your second proposal: LTR score (that is, a
    standard score any world musician can read) with (normally-written RTL)
    syllables under the respectable notes.
    > We are planning to present our other, non-latin samples
    > with lyrics in both originial script and Latin trans-
    > literation, in the same musical score (cf. attached
    > example). But how could we handle this with a RTL script?
    > We could,
    > - provide two separate scores, in original script
    > and in transscription, respectively,
    > - or we could write each syllable under its respective
    > note, but with different writing directions within
    > the syllables (viz. RTL for the original, and LTR
    > for the transcription).
    > What do you deem the aptest way to do it?
    I don't see a reason for having two copies of the score. Just make the
    spacing between score lines a bit higher and follow your second proposal.

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