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Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 12:55:33 CST

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    Elaine wrote:
    Character set, a definition :
           A character set is a computerized version
           of any alphabet (or other writing system).

           Each letter, number, symbol, etc. of the
           computerized alphabet is assigned a unique
           number for the computer to use in software.

    Character set, coded character set, character encoding - you are getting
    into a rats nest here. Fortunately Unicode Technical Report 17 - Character
    Encoding Model - gives a definitive set of answers for those embedded in the
    mire of this stuff.

    I think that you are asking a slightly different question though. What is
    the imprecise terminology to use for the general audience? In that respect
    your definition may be ok, as long as anyone who actually gets drawn into
    the swamp is ready to move to a precise terminology.


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