Proposal: Sagittal accidentals for microtonal music

From: Keenan Pepper (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2006 - 19:55:44 CST

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    "The Sagittal notation system is a comprehensive system for notating
    musical pitch in all possible scales and tunings - a universal set of
    microtonal accidentals, equally suited to extended just intonation,
    equal divisions of the octave (or of any other interval), or any of
    the non-just non-equal "middle path" tunings or temperaments. It is
    called Sagittal because, you guessed it, it uses various arrow-like
    symbols, pointing up or down to indicate raising or lowering of

    I think Sagittal should be added to Unicode because it's a complete
    and usable system, it's becoming the de facto standard for microtonal
    music, and no existing Unicode characters are sufficiently similar to
    be considered equivalent.

    Should I go ahead and write a proposal according the instructions at ?

    Keenan Pepper

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