Re: CLDR errors that can't be corrected

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 17:33:01 CDT

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    In fact there are many other errors that can't be corrected. For example, the default French locale should not accept calendar entries that contain non examplar characters or other characters normally not used in French, for example:
    * Islamic months with the back-apostrophe, which should be accepted only in French variants that include this character, such as North-African french, where French is used using an extended set with additional characters for transcripting arabic words
    * Japanese months (the macron diacritic over long vowels is not used in French, but only in some specialized transcriptions used by English specialists; in French the macron is typically replaced by a circumflex; macrons will be used only in "extended French", by linguists studying the orthography orphonetic of other languages, using a "pedantic" notation.)
    * inherited default translations which are crytic or accurate only for English.

    For this reason, I will NOT confirm the proposed inclusions for which I can't reject the proposed items, but I have no other choice than abstaining in the vetting process, hopping that the entries will NOT be confirmed by someone else. How can we oppose to the inclusion (the "remove" choice is unavailable, and we cannot simply indicate the opposition to the inherited items, even if they are wrong). The current vetting options do not allow to vote on such items, even thoughsome may vote in favor of the inclusion of the erroneous item (or may vote by default, even if they know that it would be better to have something else).

    Some proposed items were visibly created by someone with knowledge of English, not the knowledge of French. And it's bad that we can't reject them.

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