Re: CLDR errors that can't be corrected

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 19:22:30 CDT

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    > Do you have any specific examples of problematic data?

    Many in fact (look at those items in the French locale that display error messages for conflicts or non examplar characters), notably since some items have been changed, creating new conflicts because they seem to have been "translated" by someone in Canada, with more knowledge of English than French.

    There has not been any submission and only one other person voting for the French locale. This is clearly not enough to complete the vetting process, because additions are really needed to override the root defaults, or simply to change the few bad translations that were integrated in the French locale by someone, using English-like assumptions since February when the database was really closed.

    I have changed some of my votes to align my position with the other vote, except when I disagree. Given that I have submitted since nowmost of the French corrections in the CLDR, may be I could be given the authorization to add other entries in the vetting, with the effect of moving items from the "Status Quo" to the Vetting process where votes are really significant.

    Items that can't be changed should not even be allowed to be confirmed or abstained (or abstain should be the only available option). Otherwise the vetting processis flawed, as it confirmation is the only vote which is counted...

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