From: Steve Summit (scs@eskimo.com)
Date: Fri May 19 2006 - 13:34:16 CDT

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    Apologies if this is a tiresome or contentious question.

    In the early versions of Unicode, U+0027 was the ambiguous
    "Apostrophe-Quote", the preferred character for apostrophe was
    U+02BC Modifier Letter Apostrophe, and the preferred character
    for closing single quotation mark was U+2019 Single Comma
    Quotation Mark.

    Today, however, U+02BC is relegated to use as a true modifier
    letter (as its name suggests), and U+2019 is explicitly preferred
    for both apostrophes *and* single quotes. Does anyone know the
    rationale for this change?

    (Me, I'd really like to distinguish apostrophes from quotes in
    textual data, as they're obviously quite different semantically.)

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