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From: SADAHIRO Tomoyuki (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2006 - 23:13:09 CDT

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    On Sun, 25 Jun 2006 02:49:40 +0200, Tommy Nordgren wrote

    > Any good references on using perl with Unicode?
    > I want to locate a good reference text on reading and writing Unicode
    > with the Perl scripting language.
    > Neither 'Programming Perl' , 'Perl Cookbook' nor 'Unicode - a Primer'
    > provides info on Perl 5.8.x
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    How about perlunicode.pod, perluniintro.pod, and perlunitut.pod?
       (uni-intro = unicode introduction, uni-tut = unicode tutorial)
    The last one (perlunitut) was contributed very recently and has not been
    released in any 5.8.x distribution yet.

    Where these are available from are:
     perlunicode and perluniintro in perl 5.8.8

     perlunicode, perluniintro, and perlunitut in developers' repository

    SADAHIRO Tomoyuki

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