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Date: Tue Oct 03 2006 - 10:41:37 CST

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    On 3 Oct 2006, at 17:55, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    >> But another thing about compressions formats, is the need for them.
    >> Looking at the MP3 and AAC compressions, they have played a big role
    >> because there has been limited computer space available, but these
    >> formats become less important now, when there is more space
    >> available.
    > Huh? i would say that the codec technologies are becomng more and
    > more important ...

    There are opposite developments, providing a broader spectrum, where
    in some circumstances it is less important with compression in view
    of more computer data space and higher bit-rates, whereas, in other
    circumstances, even better compression can be used in view of higher
    processing power.

    > we move to a convergence world where what is important is not
    > the storage but the transmission of information (between devices,
    > through networks, ... simply because what is limitating is still
    > the bandwith as we want to transmit more different programs or
    > information).

    I think Apple has a new lossless compression for their music computer
    products, which could mean that they sense that compression becomes
    less important for music files. The compression formats have the
    problem of loosing data, so therefore, when computer data space
    becomes more available, there is movement towards various "raw" data

    > Codecs in the MPEG family become more and more universal and they
    > are the key for mobility!

    This is mainly for larger sized movies. So if compression becomes
    less important in the future, that is down the road for movies.

    If I should tie this something relating to Unicode: compression is
    not going to be important if you type your manuscripts by hand. For
    intermediate sizes, standard binary compression might do. But if you
    have a large library, then it may be very important have a very good
    compression method, not giving only the couple of times, like the
    standard binary compression methods.

       Hans Aberg

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