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From: Behnam (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2006 - 15:58:15 CST

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    I had similar problem with a font called Gandhari but I could install
    Gentium without any problem. I was testing those fonts for a linguist
    friend of mine who is a PC user and much to her chagrin, with Gentium
    it worked amazingly well and I was able to stack-up twelve
    diacritics, one above the other, on top of a letter! but Gandhari
    wouldn't install.
    Perhaps little detail is missing in the font which prevents OS to do
    the same with Gandhari, therefore wouldn't install.

    If you run it through validity test of Apple's own font tools on a
    Mac you might be able to find-out what is missing with your font.
    I fully understand why you are annoyed. But from what I can see,
    venturing Apple font tools is your best option.


    On 12-Nov-06, at 4:06 PM, James Kass wrote:

    > Behnam wrote,
    >> Anyhow I had a lot of missing lines on my Safari (Macintosh) and the
    >> OS refused to install Code 2000 but I installed Titus successfully
    >> and many of missing lines are now properly rendered.
    > Several Mac users have kindly reported problems with trying to install
    > Code2000 on Macs. Apparently if "font book" is used, error messages
    > are generated and the font won't install. But, copying "the font
    > directly
    > in library-->font, it is ok".
    > The graphic the users send state that "Serious problems were
    > found. Do not
    > use this font". And, the "serious problems" are "PostScript
    > Compatibility Table"
    > and "Missing OpenType Data".
    > I'd sure appreciate some specifics on this. Without specifics, how
    > can I fix
    > these so-called serious problems?
    > Microsoft Font Validator shows no problems with Code2000's post script
    > table and no problems with the OpenType tables.
    > I'm annoyed.
    > Best regards,
    > James Kass

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