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From: Hans Aberg (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2006 - 16:00:46 CST

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    On 12 Nov 2006, at 22:06, James Kass wrote:

    >> Anyhow I had a lot of missing lines on my Safari (Macintosh) and the
    >> OS refused to install Code 2000 but I installed Titus successfully
    >> and many of missing lines are now properly rendered.

    > Several Mac users have kindly reported problems with trying to install
    > Code2000 on Macs. Apparently if "font book" is used, error messages
    > are generated and the font won't install. But, copying "the font
    > directly
    > in library-->font, it is ok".

    I am not sure why you marked it "off-topic", because Code2001,
    another of your fonts, is the only font I have found for some of the
    Unicode math characters, and a font is necessary in order to make
    Unicode usable. There is still missing a font for a number of math
    characters. Wish the TeX/LaTeX/AMS fonts would be available for Unicode.

    > The graphic the users send state that "Serious problems were
    > found. Do not
    > use this font". And, the "serious problems" are "PostScript
    > Compatibility Table"
    > and "Missing OpenType Data".

    I just ignored these warnings, and then it seems to work.

    > I'd sure appreciate some specifics on this. Without specifics, how
    > can I fix
    > these so-called serious problems?

    You might try signing up as a free Apple developer <http://>, and make a bug report at <https://> (there is a link there). Make sure to describe
    it as a Mac OS X.4 bug, so they don't try to charge you. :-)

    > Microsoft Font Validator shows no problems with Code2000's post script
    > table and no problems with the OpenType tables.
    > I'm annoyed.

    Feel similarly.

       Hans Aberg

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