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From: vunzndi@vfemail.net
Date: Sun Nov 12 2006 - 18:16:38 CST

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    Hi Guys.

    Extension C of cjkv is about to become part of unicode only 4129 characters,
    U+2A700 to U+2B77A. Is anyone working on these?

    One question is technical -- how are different OSes going to handle a font with
    just these characters in? I have been testring things out on the Yudit text
    editor because it is easy to define virual fonts made by combining several
    fonts (eg yudit.font.testing=fontA.ttf,fontB.ttf,fontC,... -- for any code
    point the first font in the list that has a glyph is used) . How can this be
    done at OS level on Windows, Macs, Linux?

    With thanks
    John Knightley

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