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From: James Kass (
Date: Sun Nov 12 2006 - 18:37:59 CST

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    Olaf Drümmer wrote,

    (Hmmm, I'm seeing u-umlaut here in the body of the letter in Earthlink's
    compose screen, but, Earthlink has already mangled it in the "To" portion
    of the letter. So it wouldn't surprise if the u-umlaut above gets munged
    as well. Sigh.)

    >I am not sure whether I am interpreting the OTF (and/or TTF) spec
    >correctly, but the 'post' table uses the .notdef name repeatedly (for
    >the first three names in the table, as well as for many more starting at
    >index 51242) which I think doesn't make sense - it should only be
    >present once: for the first glyph at index 0.

    Quoting from:

         "(almost every TrueType font has three glyphs called .notdef, one of
         them is usually an empty square shape, one has no outline and has zero
         width, and one has no outline and a positive width. This example is not
         really a problem with well formed fonts since the .notdef characters
         are only used for unprintable characters, which shouldn't occur in your
         documents anyway). "

    All of the glyphs named ".notdef" in Code2000 are non-printable glyphs,
    mostly used for construction of "composite" glyphs. These are mainly
    components of glyphs, which must be in the font, but do not need to be
    defined. These are especially useful in CJK ideographs.

    Quoting from

         "Following that must be precisely 256 character names; use /.notdef
         for any that you do not want defined."

    And, quoting from Microsoft's OpenType specs

         "If you do not want to associate a PostScript name with a particular
         glyph, use index number 0 which points the name .notdef. "

    >Could this be a reason FontBook complains?

    If this is the case, then my impression is that FontBook has the
    problem rather than Code200x.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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