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From: Michael Maxwell (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 07:27:41 CST

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    > Place names are clearly a huge source of characters needing
    > encoding, and I know that the current emphasis of the PRC's
    > delegation to the IRG is along these lines. Even a tiny spot
    > on the Chinese map like Macao needed to have a number of new
    > characters added to handle some of their place names.

    Again, a question (and feel free to take this off-line, as it's getting away from Unicode): When we run into a new place name on a map in a language that uses an alphabetic script, pronouncing the name is just a matter of sounding out the letters (unless it's a Welsh name :-)). But what do people do when they run into these Chinese characters in place names? They weren't taught all of them in school, were they? (If they were, then I would have thought that getting them into Unicode would have happened long ago, because it would have been a simple matter of looking at the school textbooks.) Or do people just learn a new character, without any pronunciation??

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