Re: Uppercase ß is coming? (U+1E9E)

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Tue May 08 2007 - 01:31:32 CDT

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    On 5/7/2007 9:27 PM, John Hudson wrote:
    > Michael Everson wrote:
    >> See where
    >> I have given an F, J, U, ß, long-s, and two capital sharp esses. The
    >> second of these is the one under ballot, made in discussion with
    >> Andreas Stötzner, who suggested taking the stroke and curve of the U
    >> and the finial of a J. I don't find it unpleasant or inappropriate. I
    >> tried hacking one based on an F but I like the U-based one better.
    Pity you (Michael) don't show a B in comparison. I suspect that this
    sample would not be distinct enough from a B, but can't tell. (It must
    be distinct even, and particularly, when no B is present).

    > I tried to Trajan test: can this letter be made in a convincing way
    > that harmonises with the Roman inscriptional lettering, i.e. with the
    > source of our uppercase alphabet? I'm not convinced, but I am sure
    > that to work at all it must be made completely without reference to
    > lowercase details or proportions:
    Very nice!
    > Of course, none of this serves as or is intended as an argument
    > against encoding this particular character. It is a general grump
    > about encoding as parts of writing systems characters that have not
    > followed the evolutionary path of actual writing.

    What do you think the reaction to the first J or U or W was? And what's
    about the first Thorn (and why were people so eager to get rid of it ;-) )


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