Re: The glyph of the CAPITAL SHARP S

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 12:20:14 CDT

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    At 09:44 -0700 2007-05-10, Asmus Freytag wrote:

    >The shape that should go into the Standard, should be the one that
    >is most appropriate for a Times-like style. The decision of what
    >that is, does not rest with any one individual (as someone here
    >claimed), but should represent a consensus of the community.

    I said I had to draw it, not that I had to decide what it was.

    >This does not mean that the glyph is then 'standardized' and frozen,
    >but the expectation would be that typographers designing closely
    >related typestyles would create designs for the glyph that would be
    >a continuum around the representative glyph, rather than isolating
    >it by collectively all designing their type on a different concept.

    Quite so.

    Michael Everson *

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