Re: Devanagari composing help needed

From: William J Poser (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2007 - 02:01:23 CDT

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    I've never seen the first problematic glyph-complex, but I can
    say with some confidence that it is a mistake since it ends with
    a virama which is followed by a vowel sign, which is impossible.
    Something is wrong.

    The second one looks like a jn (both palatal), but the word is
    peculiar. I think that the word is intended to be manovaijna:nik
    "psychological", but it has guna rather than vrddhi and is
    actually written manovijna:nik. My knoweldge of Hindi is not
    sufficient to know if this is a reasonable variant.

    Indeed, this text doesn't seem to make sense in general, even
    given my poor Hindi. What, for example, is the second sentence
    supposed to say? The words all make sense individually except
    for the penultimate one, which seems to be sba:gat, which neither
    I nor my Hindi dictionary know. If the diagonal stroke is omitted
    it would be sva:gat "welcome, acceptance, reception". The
    words other than the initial me~ then would make sense as
    "your (polite) reception is", but I don't know how to combine
    that with the initial me~, which I know only as a postposition
    meaning "in", but of course a postposition can't occur at the
    beginning of a sentence.

    Is anybody here fluent in Hindi?

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