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Date: Fri Jul 13 2007 - 00:52:42 CDT

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    Jonathan Rosenne wrote:

    > I suspect recreating Latin manuscripts of that age would also present
    > problems.

    Yes, but of a different kind, and these are gradually being addressed by mediaevalists, as
    they have been for ancient Greek manuscripts. Here one of the problems is the notion of
    script identity in Unicode and as interpreted by the people who make layout engines. For
    good and sensible software reasons, Hebrew and Arabic are treated as entirely separate
    scripts, with characters from the Hebrew block separated into distinct runs from
    characters in the Arabic block. This seems very reasonable until one encounters a document
    written in a combination of the two scripts. And the fact that the document in question is
    part of the Pentateuch makes it of interest to more than the usual number of scholars that
    care about 10th century manuscripts.

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