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Date: Fri Jul 13 2007 - 00:57:46 CDT

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    Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > Given that the authors of this document needed to use color to make the
    > distinction between hebrew points and the Arabic text

    They didn't *need* to use colour. They chose to use colour, just as the creators of texts
    in many of the world's manuscript traditions have used more than one colour.

    By the way, most of the green marks are, on closer examination, Hebrew cantillation marks.
    Only the shaddah is Arabic, which one would expect since it is a consonant modifier.

    > When you say that Hebrew points were written first, I find it difficult to
    > realize without the help of a pre-existing reference Arabic text
    > ; in which
    > case, the Hebrew points were still specially laid out according to Arabic,
    > not the reverse.

    It's the Hebrew Bible, in Hebrew. There is no Arabic language involved in this manuscript,
    only the use of the Arabic script to write Hebrew. Of course they didn't need a
    pre-existing Arabic reference text: they were Jews writing Hebrew, but writing it
    according to the convention of the Judaeo-Arabic language that they spoke.

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