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From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Jul 13 2007 - 02:43:20 CDT

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    John Hudson wrote:
    > > When you say that Hebrew points were written first, I find it difficult
    > to
    > > realize without the help of a pre-existing reference Arabic text
    > ...
    > > ; in which
    > > case, the Hebrew points were still specially laid out according to
    > Arabic,
    > > not the reverse.
    > It's the Hebrew Bible, in Hebrew. There is no Arabic language involved in
    > this manuscript,
    > only the use of the Arabic script to write Hebrew. Of course they didn't
    > need a
    > pre-existing Arabic reference text: they were Jews writing Hebrew, but
    > writing it
    > according to the convention of the Judaeo-Arabic language that they spoke.

    Apparently you absolutely wanted to interpret my sentence as if I said it
    was written in the Arabic language. I did not specify the term "script", but
    when replying to your message, I thought it was clear enough that I meant
    "Arabic script" everywhere I used "Arabic".

    I was not discussing about the language here, only about characters used,
    i.e. the script. So you don't need to repeat your past email to which I

    Reread what I said: I did not speak about an Arabic-language reference text
    but about the Aranbic-script reference text, just to say that I had doubts
    that the Hebrew points and marks were drawn first before the Arabic text
    (=the sequence of Arabic base characters, not Arabic-language words).

    This was really clear from the first paragraph you have quoted.

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