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From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2007 - 15:41:12 CDT

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    Michael Maxwell wrote:

    AFAIK, these dotted circles are *displayed*,

    Yes, they are inserted in the display stream.

     but they are not *inserted into the text* (that is, they are not there in the underlying text store).

    No, they are not.

     Are you really saying that you do not want dotted circles to be *displayed*?


     Because when we are entering Indic script text (for example), I have found it very helpful to have something obvious appear on the
    screen that indicates I made a mistake at the level of the script.

    There is no error at "the level of the script". (There are "100% confusability errors", as I would call them, where there should
    have been a canonical equivalence, but there isn't one.)

     (Well, it would be even more obvious if the circles were red :-).)

    Marking spelling errors with a red underline if fine.

     Errors at the level of spelling seem obviously different,

    No, they are not. Having three same-vowels in a row is an "error" of sorts in the Latin script (I would assume for all languages,
    but I'm not entirely sure of that). You don't, and shouldn't, get extranous characters displayed in such a sequence anyhow.

     and nowhere as easy to detect. But maybe what you're saying is that entering (say) a Bengali vowel sign without preceding it by a
    Bengali consonant is not really different from a spelling error, so that stranded vowel-sign is something that should be caught by
    a spell checker, not by the script rendering engine.


            /kent k


      Mike Maxwell
      CASL/ U MD

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