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Date: Wed Jul 18 2007 - 03:42:55 CDT

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    While I agre with you in principle, you:
    1) don't express it well, and
    2) put the blame at the wrong place.
    As to (1), I have a hard time seeing how *grammar* (even as "[The Tamil] Grammar") has anything to do with this.
    Use of the (Tamil) script is relevant, whether it is "standard"/"official" use, or more or less unconventional use.
    But that isn't grammar but orthography.
    As to (2), Unicode is underspecified at this point, but does *not* actually prevent the (proper) display you, and I, seek.
    Some implementation do prevent that, though. But the Unicode standard does not prevent it.
            /kent k
    I have no chance of following an argument written in Tamil... Sorry.


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    Dotted circle does not indicate one has made an errro, but it indicates that this is a Unicode bug due to design errors.
    3.1.1 line2 at
    Also Tamil Grammar specifically states that if longer than long vowels are needed then add/accumulate more of the required vowel
    there for Unicode has a bug, by not allowing Grammar to take charge.
    Unicode acts against Tamil grammar, ie, pronounces the Grammar is wrong and Unicode method is correct. But the reality is that
    Unicode has a bug.
    Unicode unnecessarily creates problems for Indic writing.

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