RE: Generic base characters

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2007 - 03:47:25 CDT

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    Peter Constable wrote:
    > The problem is the multi-component vowel marks: there's no
    > way to assign (e.g.) 09CB BENGALI VOWEL SIGN O to a non-zero

    In an ideal world, the multipart vowels would never have been
    encoded, just the left and right parts.

    > class. And because you can't do it for 09CB, you can't do it
    > for the characters that make up its canonical decomposition,
    > 09C7 and 09BE. And since you can't do it for those, it also
    > can't be done for any of the left- or right-positioning vowel signs.
    > There are plenty of things about which we can say
    > "Such-and-such SHOULD have been done." Reality is that these
    > are all assigned to class 0, and that's not changing. That's
    > what we have to implement against.

    True. But I do think this should be (standard) property driven,
    so that all implement the same behaviour (as much as possible),
    rather than in a variety of ways. And the current properties are
    not sufficient for that.

                    /kent k

    > Peter

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