RE: UAX#14-20: undesriable line breaking opportunities (parenthese and quotation marks)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2007 - 02:39:09 CDT

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    > And in particular, the relevant rules are:
    > LB28 Do not break between alphabetics.
    > AL AL

    This does avoid the break between "word" and "(s)" as the second character
    is not AL.

    > LB30 Do not break between letters, numbers, or ordinary symbols and
    > opening or closing punctuation.
    > (AL | NU) OP
    > CL (AL | NU)
    > Those rules seem *already* to be doing exactly what you seem to
    > be asking for.

    Hmm... Why does it not work, say in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and even MS
    Word ??? The first rule of LB30 should avoid breaking "word(s)", but I'm
    still seeing the line break everywhere between "word" and "(s)"
    Ity seems that these rules have been incorrectly interpreted as meaning the
    prohibited break between the reversed order of OP and AL/NU so that no break
    will occur after the opening "(" before "s" in "word(s)", and no break will
    occur after "s" and before the closing ")" in "word(s)"

    So LB30 seems to be completely misunderstood by everyone, they just read the
    descriptive sentence, and not the technical details of the rules below it.
    (really ambiguous description because it can be understood as handling the
    more frequent cases where parentheses are occuring surrounded by explicit
    word-separation spaces or explicit line-breaks...)

    It seems that everyone has understood LB30 as "don't break between an inner
    word and the outer opening or closing punctuation that encloses it", which
    is the most frequent case.

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